• bottish #6

    Feb 22, 2018 starting 6pm CET


    All about bots, AI, machine learning & robotics. Connecting business people.

    Online and offline.

    bottish focuses on an overview and knowledge exchange, emphasizing the business side. Without the hassle of travelling. A true digital conference reflecting the nature of the ro/bots universe. Join our unique engagement at a much higher frequency six times a year. Join online or at your local community in various cities worldwide.


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    Opening and Welcome of the hosting cities

    Thomas Schulz Founder bottish

    We open our 6th edition with a short welcome message from our founder and talk live to our hosts in the various meetups worldwide with a short introduction.

    Bot apocalypse and the future of work

    George Anadiotis Founder Linked Data Orchestration

    The first part of the talk will be about training bots - how using the right techniques and publicly available data, anyone can create bots that look and sound like people. Then I am going to talk about how these techniques are used in enterprises, and the effects of enterprise bots in employment.

    How AI helps in the cybersecurity space

    Sandra Tobler CEO Futurae Technologies

    Sandra will talk about how the new generation of cybersecurity companies change the classic product business in order to be on top of the latest threat exposure and how Sandra’s company Futurae with artificial intelligence, fast innovation lifecycles and large user adoption, ensures a successful differentiation.

    Monitoring and Testing Voice Applications

    John Kelvie Founder Bespoken

    Overview on how to properly monitor and test voice applications, with a focus on automation as well as best practices. We mold together traditional testing practices along with newer ones that deal specifically with AI and speech recognition.

    The democratization of artificial intelligence

    Mark Stephen Meadows Founder & CEO Botanic Technologies

    Blockchain technologies have opened the door to an open-source solution that allows bot interactions to be authenticated, managed, and remunerated in order to establish an interface to AI that is a democratic, trusted, and fair (exchanging value equally). Let’s enable bot developers, users, and the companies that will deploy bots for their customer relationships to thrive unencumbered by the large multinationals that currently dominate these technologies.

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    Wilder​ Rodrigues

    Machine Learning Engineer / Trifork




    Dhilipsiva DS

    Co-founder & CTO





    Andrea Allemann

    Event Manager
    Impact Hub Bern

    Jeronim Morina

    Innovation Manager Zürich Gruppe




    Patrick Montier

    Head of Digital

    ilem Group

    Jesse Anton​

    ​Managing Partner Whitespace

    Andreas Kröpfl

    CEO & Co-Founder eyeson GmbH

    Nicolas Nakasone

    MVP Data Platform, Data Scientist




    Natalia An​

    Oslo Maskinlæring





    Vincenzo Marchica



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