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    Things you didn't know about building chatbots

    Ofer Ronen
    General Manager, Chatbase (at Google's Area 120)

    Chatbots are expected to make machine communication feel human. But high-quality bot experiences are very hard to build. Certain issues in particular make building bots that do not frustrate users difficult. For example, UMM (unsupported, misunderstood, or missed user messages) issues can make a bot frustrating to use. Unfortunately for bot builders and developers, traditional methods for addressing such issues can be tedious, usually requiring manually sifting through logs—just as we did with weblogs for understanding website interactions.


    Ofer Ronen explores the challenges in optimizing chatbots and shares ways for developers to address them quickly and efficiently.

    The need for robots to grasp the world

    Juxi Leitner

    Research Fellow (Robotic Vision & Actions) Brisbane.AI

    Robots are everywhere, at least in industry. Why are so far only very few robots in use outside of factory floors? Why are vacuum cleaning “robots” so dumb?
    There are multiple reasons why we do not see robots running around in daily life. In particular two things seem to be holding us back 1) perceiving and understanding the world that is happening around us 2) performing tasks in that world that involve interacting — such as picking or grasping — with objects.

    Come join us for a quick overview of what the current challenges in robotics, vision and machine learning are and how we, as robotics researchers and specifically at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, are trying to overcome those.

    bottish and SEED: Dream team for democratizing AI

    Gaby K. Slezák, MA
    Head of Bot Community Initiatives at SEED Vault Ltd.

    bottish has been on a mission to establish a global, truly digital, open exchange of knowledge about bots and AI. SEED sees a future where we need an alternative to the IP monopolies of a few large corporations that would like to control bot technology. The SEED Token and protocol enables an open, independent, peer-to-peer platform for conversational interfaces fronting AI technologies on the blockchain. These frontends are chat bots, voice assistants, sophisticated Skype bots and 3D avatars. Seed wants to democratise the frontend of AI, and bottish seems to be the perfect partner in a global bot and AI community to make that happen.
    Gaby and Thomas will talk about the mutual benefits of their partnership. Gaby will also show & tell what SEED is envisioning and in the end you’ll have the unique opportunity to tell SEED in a quick survey what you need the most to develop, deploy or use sophisticated bots in your field.

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    AI New Zealand

    Auckland, New Zealand

    AI New Zealand was founded to inform, support and showcase Kiwi businesses utilising AI. First and foremost we're about building New Zealand's AI community. Secondly we're passionate about helping kiwi businesses better serve their customers with AI.

    Brisbane Robotics Interest Group

    Brisbane, Australia

    The Brisbane Robotics Interest Group promotes robotic technology and the network of people in robotics in the greater Brisbane area. If you are interested in robots, we are the group for you.

    Künstliche Intelligenz

    Bonn, Germany

    Es um die Entwicklung von künstlichen Intelligenzen und die Integration in die Gesellschaft. Die Themen: Aktuelle Fragen und Entwicklungen rund um das Gebiet Künstliche Intelligenz, die Wissenschaft, Öffentlichkeit und Unternehmen bewegen. Unser Format: kontrovers, anregend, unterhaltsam.

    Machine Learning Curitiba

    Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil

    Trocar idéias a respeito do universo que permeia o Machine Learning. Eventuais workshops nas tecnologias relacionadas aos sistemas cognitivos.

    GVA Bots and AI

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Are you interested in the future of bots, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, conversational UI and how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping both natural language understanding and providing compelling new services?

    Swiss AI

    Lausanne, Switzerland

    A sentence or two describing this item. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet.

    BI Expert

    Lima, Peru

    Este es un grupo para todos los interesados en Business Intelligence, Big Data, Ciencia de Datos, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Inteligencia Artificial y Tecnologías Emergentes.

    Chatbots, Messaging & AI

    Melbourne, Australia

    This Melbourne Meetup brings together a community of people to learn and share knowledge around a new era of chatbots, messaging platforms and AI.

    The Hague Tech

    The Hague, Netherlands

    If you’re on a mission to change the world, the worst thing to do is to keep this to yourself. To find the ingredients for success, you need to share your ideas with the right crowd at the right place and time.


    Global healthcare community

    healthetia focuses on an overview and knowledge exchange, emphasizing the business side. Without the hassle of travelling. A true digital conference. Join online or at your local community in various cities worldwide. Exchange with experts worldwide.

    XING Zürich

    Zurich, Switzerland

    XING Zürich is an official XING Ambassador Group. We organize regular networking events and are the biggest business network in Switzerland.

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