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    Why we have this partnership

    The partnership aims to put the power of the bot industry back into the hands of developers and users across the world through decentralisation. Currently, the bot industry is dominated by a small number of internet giants, holding the tools and protocols needed to develop new bots and put them in the hands of users. Seed Vault’s decentralised marketplace disrupts this dominance with an alternative open-source approach that sees developers rewarded for the bot components, libraries and personalities they create.

    What is SEED?

    SEED will be powering the bot economy on blockchain. SEED Vault Ltd. and the SEED Token provide the foundation of a decentralized marketplace where bot developers can license their chat bot code to other developers and clients, while assuring end users’ data and privacy are protected. Through the use of the SEED Token and smart contracts developers and users alike can be compensated for their valuable contributions. Finally, open-source pays back!

    Why SEED?

    Seed promises to democratize AI by offering an alternative to the IP monopolies of a few large corporations that would like to control bot technology. SEED's licensed, open-source platform supports innovation and collaboration that will keep pace with proprietary deployments from industry giants. The SEED Token and protocol enables an open, independent, peer-to-peer platform for conversational interfaces fronting AI technologies on the blockchain. We are not talking about only text chat bots, but also voice assistants, sophisticated Skype bots and 3D avatars. The SEED Network is built on top of Botanic Technologies' multi-modal bot framework, already in use on Android, iOS, Skype, Signal and other clients. The SEED Network marketplaces create exchanges for independent bot developers to share, buy, and sell bot components of all types to make bot creation and management faster, easier, and more profitable. The marketplaces use blockchain to track uses of bot components for developer compensation.

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  • SEED Ecosystem

    SEED is an open ecosystem for conversational user interfaces (CUIs) using AI and other technologies. SEED allows bots to be authenticated as well as fair remuneration of value for developers and users, creating an equitable value transfer between people and bots.

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