• bottish #5: Dec 7, 2017

    Unfolded in the new boutique style. 6 speakers and a higher density of content and interaction. Read more

    Kat Mustatea

    Technologist, Founder Mighty Unlimited

    Discovering delightful chatbots

    Aakrit Vaish​

    Co-Founder & CEO Haptik

    Changing Behavior - Building Chatbots at scale​

    Yao Zhang

    Founder & CEO RoboTerra

    Wiring Empathy into Robots: AI Strategy for a Winning Consumer Electronics Product

    Obaid Ahmed​

    CEO & Founder Botmock

    Conversational Design Principles

    Neiv Allen Schwartz​

    CEO & Founder Shooq

    Arti | Your Textbook Shopping Assistant​

    Frédéric Gonnet

    CEO Pastel Health

    Chatbots in Healthcare

  • botscamp #4: Sept 28, 2017

    Unstoppable automation with a new approach of knowledge transfer by the first, fastest and biggest digital conference of its kind. Read more

    Mark Stephen Meadows​

    Founder & CEO Botanic Technologies, Inc.

    Why Bots Need License Plates: Authentication via OAuth and OpenID​​

    Marc Stampfli​

    Sales Manager

    NVIDIA Switzerland

    The Rise of modern AI with Deep Learning​

    Bret Kinsella​

    Editor Voicebot.ai

    Voice Platform Strategies of AMZN, GOOG, MSFT, AAPL, & FB​

    Joe Toscano​

    Experience Designer/Author

    R/GA at Google

    Designing Intelligence​

    Ludwig Bull​

    Managing Director Elexirr Technologies

    Revolutionising the NLP Data Structures

    Vijay Ramakrishnan​

    Machine Learning Engineer


    Developing Named Entity Recognition Models using Tensorflow​

    Eric Marcos​

    CTO Hubtype

    Hybrid Conversational Interfaces​

    Indrek Vainu​



    Customer service automation:AI & Virtual Customer Assistants​

    John Gray​


    Mentionmapp Analytics

    Seeing Real Social Engagement

    Jiaqi Pan​

    CEO Landbot.io

    Landing page as chatbot

    Ian Cowley​

    Marketing Manager


    Intelligent Assistants in the Automotive Industry

    John Fagan​

    CTO Axon Vibe


  • botscamp #3: June 29, 2017

    All in slack, >1200 participants, >100.000 community members. Read more

    Anastasia Green

    CEO Be Aware

    Chatbots as a new type of user interface

    Julia Grässer

    Enterprise Sales Executive DACH iMotions

    Powering Innovation through Emotional Analytics

    Sunjoy Mathieu

    Founder Community Catalyst HEALTHINAR

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Aisha Schnellmann

    Community Catalyst HEALTHINAR

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Chiara Civardi

    Communication Officer for Science and Technology Balzano Informatik

    ML in the interpretation of knee MRI

    Leo Kangin

    Founder MojiBots.com

    How I Got 300K+ Users in 2 Months on Messenger

    Cem Dilmegani

    co-founder appliedAI

    $100 Billion opportunity: Customer service bots

    Gabriel Piffaretti

    Consultant Green Blue Technologies

    The 4 horsemen of the Chatbocalypse

    Sohan Maheshwar

    Lead Developer Relations Gupshup

    Bot to bot communication: The next frontier

    Owais Afaq

    CTO RightClick.io

    AI to Enhance Emotional Experience

    Tony Lucas

    Co-Founder Converse.AI

    Bots & Conversational Workflow: Where the real value is

    Antoine AAMARCHA

    Co-founder Gogowego

    Connect smart cities with Chatbots

    Marc Hadfield

    Founder Vital AI

    Haley AI Bot & Agent Platfom

    Jonathan Maskew

    BD Director Clerksroom Direct

    The World's 1st Robot Chatbot Junior Clerk

    Todd Terrazas

    CEO Brainitch

    Why HANS?

  • botscamp #2: April 26, 2017

    14 speakers, 5 hours live stream, 1000 inspirations. Read more

    Megan McGee​

    Javascript Developer, Make Bots

    Public Health and the Conversational Interface

    Dan Gailey

    Founder & CEO RadBots

    Monetizing Chatbots​

    Tom Hewitson

    Conversation Designer The Chatbot Agency

    Creating chatbot characters

    John Koetsier

    Journalist, analyst, economist, futurist

    Bots, apps, web: when to use each

    Lucas Ives

    Head of Conversation Engineering PullString

    The Character Imperative in Computer Conversation

    Jack Crawford

    Founder and CEO datalog.ai

    Conversational AI for Bots and Applications

    Ariel Jalali

    CEO Sensay

    The anatomy of a large scale human routing engine​

    Vaida Alisauskaite

    Director Webmobix

    AI for Language Learning

    Rui Teimao​

    Chat and voice app maker Conversation Design

    The future of fan engagement

    Hajnalka Hejja

    CEO Smart Health UG / MediLad

    How to improve your bot based on user input

    Kirk Borne

    Principal Data Scientist Booz Allen Hamilton

    What is Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning?

    Tobias Drechsel​

    Founder Vialogue

    Bots in Banks

    Ilker Koksal

    CEO & Co-founder Botanalytics

    Automated analytics for more engaged bots

  • botscamp #1: Dec, 7 2016

    15 bot sessions, 2 innovation partners, the 1 and only botscamp. Swiss Made. Read more

    Peter Buchroithner


    CEO Swell

    How Multi-Platform-Thinking helped us to reach 1 Million users

    Alan Nichol

    Co-Founder & CTO, LASTMILE

    Building chat bots with deep learning

    Dimitris Tsirikos​


    Treat hotel guests as VIPs

    Sibylle Peuker


    Partner & UX Architect at Zeix

    Human-Centered by Design – What we can learn from Chatbots

    Luis Quina

    Co-Founder & CEO Apidaze

    Ottspott: Your phone support bot. Inside Slack.

    Maurice Codourey


    Co-Founder smarthealthlab

    Shaila, the smart healthcare community bot

    Hicham TAHIRI



    Improving your bots overtime.

    Cyril Dorsaz


    Digital Innovation Manager Valora Lab

    Learnings from building the first Swiss retail chatbot

    Ilker Koksal


    CEO & Co Founder Botanalytics

    Automated analytics for more engaged bots

    Adam Fingerman


    Founder & Chief Experience Officer ArcTouch

    Good Bot, Bad Bot: How Chatbots Fit in our Digital Universe

    Daniel Niklaus

    CEO Netlive IT AG

    Is the time for bots finally here?

    Barbara Ondrisek


    Chatbots Agency

    Lessons learned creating a virtual personality

    Sunjoy Mathieu & Aisha Schnellmann


    #womenintech at healthinar.net

    Do bots need a gender? And why does this matter?

    Akemi Tazaki


    Design Director id_Farm

    Design considerations for machine learning system