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🎉 Happy New bottish 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

We are now an independent, non-profit organization

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Established to build the world’s leading AI and blockchain technologies eco system. We support and connect startups and enterprises through our well known free digital conference, identify projects across verticals by organizing executive circles and other industry events.

We started this free digital format back in Sept 2016

Since then we made great progress: We have 10.000 participants from over 95 countries, streamed 10 editions with 70 international speakers and currently have a supporting network of > 50.000 business professionals from all over the world.

healthetia joins bottish as community

Last year we started with healthetia another digital format, all about innovation in healthcare. Now we merge these 2 initiatives, representing healthcare as an important sector within bottish.

We have already scheduled 5 editions, focusing on healthcare and implications of the new technology.

Join us now as a bottish association member

We would really appreciate it if you join us as a member, helping us to continue to grow and share the best insights in the AI and blockchain space.

Find more details on our website.

We are already heading to our next editions

You may find all relevant information for the different sessions on the link provided. Please check as well the details and deadlines if you want to join either as speaker or community.

Wishing you a great start into 2019

Looking forward the following weeks and months with inspiring talks and presentations and growing bottish to establish the world’s leading AI and blockchain technologies eco system.

Thanks all for your support and take care!

Thomas Schulz, Founder

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