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  • Sept 27, 2019: bottish joins MOBI
    #bottish 18: Augmented Healthcare (Sept 26, 2019)
    Mariella Seel: Growing Health Literacy with KARLI
    Rebecca Gill: VR therapies and disabilities
    Katherine Hoolahan: Gamified virtual reality for health
    Nathan Shedroff: Opening Session
    Aron van Ammers: Opening Session
    John McKnight: Opening Session
    #bottish 17: Next Voice Assistants (May 23, 2019)
    Raika Sarkett: Designing Lovable Voice Experiences
    Saunders Lindsay: Common Voice
    Nathan Treloar: How Virtual Assistants will Transform Healthcare
    Roger Kibbe: Bixby - The What, Why and When
    Peter Voss: Beyond Chatbots
    #bottish 16: New Work (March 21, 2019)
    Ieva Martinaityte PhD: Psychology of New Work
    Carolina Yeo: Industry 4.0: Don't Compete, Be Unique
    Matthew Mottola: How will you become your best product?
    #bottish 15: Smart Hospitals (Feb 21, 2019)
    Nishant Singh Rana: Network of Drones for last mile Healthcare logistics
    Vikas Kharbanda: Building the Smart Hospital Agenda​
    Jakub Musialek: How you can you build and finance a Robotic Hospital pharmacy​
    Ricardo C. Berrios: Surgical Process Automation using IoT
    #bottish 10: Giving a Voice to the Blockchain (Dec 10, 2018)
     Irene Lopez de Vallejo: Data sharing for better bots
    Humayun Sheikh: New opportunities to innovate with autonomous agents and bots
    Nathan Shedroff: The Coming Extinction-Level Event for Brands
    Aron van Ammers: Panel: Exploring the convergence
    November 22, 2018: bottish association is founded
    #healthetia 4: Innovation in Healthcare
    Carol Wildhagen: Building digital relationships
    Naomi Fried: The Innovation Lifecycle: Understanding How Innovation Happens in Healthcare
    Abayomi Durojay: Demonetizing & democratizing health  leveraging tech
    Mark Punyanitya: The Ultimate Quantified Self
    #bottish 9: Oct 25, 2018
    Maria Crosas Batista: Improving performance on the intent detection
    Katie King: The impact of AI on marketing
    Eros Marcello: The Humanization of Cognitive Agents
    Rudradeb Mitra: Overcoming challenges with building AI products
    #healthetia 3: Innovation in Healthcare (Oct 4, 2018)
    Rotem Lev-Zwickel: Challenges and Opportunities in access to data
    Christian Rebernik: Help people to manage their own health
    Gyles Morrison: Health Wars - Rise of the Clinical UX
    #bottish 8: June 21, 2018
    Romeo Kienzler: IBM's open source strategy on Open Tech AI and Blockchain
    Aron van Ammers: Growing tokenised communities
    Robert Nielsen: New Standards to Support the Future of Bot Engineering
    #healthetia 2: Innovation in Healthcare (June 7, 2018)
    Evelina Georgieva: Patient engagement requires trust, privacy respect and data exchange for a value back
    Helena Torras: Changing healthcare for women with personalized action plans treated on an holistic way
    Jovan Stevovic: GDPR and Health Applications
    #bottish 7: April 26, 2018
    Gaby K. Slezák: bottish and SEED  Dream team for democratizing AI
    Juxi Leitner: The need for robots to grasp the world
    Ofer Ronen: Things you didn't know about building chatbots
    #healthetia 1: Innovation in Healthcare (March 15, 2018)
    Gigi Etienne: 3 words to address the world and save lives
    Hannes Sjoblad: Biohacking - exploring new uses of tech for health
    Gilles Lunzenfichter: Intelligent Connected Care
    Felix Kaechele & Thomas Schulz: Opening session
    #bottish 6: Feb 22, 2018
    Sandra Tobler: How AI helps in the cybersecurity space
    George Anadiotis: Bot apocalypse and the future of work
    John Kelvie: Monitoring and Testing Voice Applications
    Mark Stephen Meadows: The democratization of artificial intelligence
    #bottish 5: Dec 7, 2017
    Kat Mustatea: Discovering delightful chatbots
    Yao Zhang: Wiring Empathy into Robots: AI Strategy for a Winning Consumer Electronics Product
    Aakrit Vaish​: Changing Behavior - Building Chatbots at scale​
    Obaid Ahmed​: Conversational Design Principles
    Neiv Allen Schwartz​: Arti | Your Textbook Shopping Assistant​
    Frédéric Gonnet: Chatbots in Healthcare
    #bottish 4: Sept 28, 2017
    Mark Stephen Meadows​: Why Bots Need License Plates: Authentication via OAuth and OpenID​​
    Marc Stampfli: The Rise of modern AI with Deep Learning
    Bret Kinsella: Voice Platform Strategies of AMZN, GOOG, MSFT, AAPL, & FB​
    Joe Toscano: Designing Intelligence​
    Ludwig Bull: Revolutionising the NLP Data Structures
    Vijay Ramakrishnan: Developing Named Entity Recognition Models using Tensorflow​
    Eric Marcos​: Hybrid Conversational Interfaces​
    Indrek Vainu​: Customer service automation:AI & Virtual Customer Assistants​
    John Gray​: Seeing Real Social Engagement
    Jiaqi Pan: Landing page as chatbot
    Ian Cowley​: Intelligent Assistants in the Automotive Industry
    John Fagan​: Mapbots​
    botscamp #3: June 29, 2017
    Anastasia Green: Chatbots as a new type of user interface
    Julia Grässer: Enterprise Sales Executive DACH iMotions
    Chiara Civardi: Communication Officer for Science and Technology Balzano Informatik
    Leo Kangin: How I Got 300K+ Users in 2 Months on Messenger
    Cem Dilmegani: $100 Billion opportunity: Customer service bots
    Gabriel Piffaretti: The 4 horsemen of the Chatbocalypse
    Sohan Maheshwar: Bot to bot communication: The next frontier
    Marc Hadfield: Founder Vital AI
    Jonathan Maskew: The World's 1st Robot Chatbot Junior Clerk
    Todd Terrazas: Why HANS?
    botscamp #2: April 26, 2017
    Megan McGee​: Public Health and the Conversational Interface
    Dan Gailey: Transactional Heterogenous Multi-agent Systems
    Tom Hewitson: Creating chatbot characters
    John Koetsier: Bots, apps, web: when to use each
    Lucas Ives: The Character Imperative in Computer Conversation
    Jack Crawford: Chat Applications for Life Sciences
    Ariel Jalali: The anatomy of a large scale human routing engine​
    Vaida Alisauskaite: AI for Language Learning
    Rui Teimao​: Engagement Generation Through Bots
    Hajnalka Hejja: How to improve your bot based on user input
    Kirk Borne: What is Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning?
    Tobias Drechsel​: Bots in Banks
    Ilker Koksal: Automated analytics for more engaged bots
    botscamp #1: Dec, 7 2016
    Peter Buchroithner: How Multi-Platform-Thinking helped us to reach 1 Million users
    Alan Nichol: Building chat bots with deep learning
    Dimitris Tsirikos​: GuestBot
    Sibylle Peuker: Human-Centered by Design – What we can learn from Chatbots
    Luis Quina: Ottspott: Your phone support bot. Inside Slack.
    Maurice Codourey: Shaila, the smart healthcare community bot
    Hicham TAHIRI: Improving your bots overtime.
    Cyril Dorsaz: Learnings from building the first Swiss retail chatbot
    Ilker Koksal: Automated analytics for more engaged bots
    Adam Fingerman: Good Bot, Bad Bot: How Chatbots Fit in our Digital Universe
    Daniel Niklaus: Is the time for bots finally here?
    Barbara Ondrisek: Lessons learned creating a virtual personality
    Sunjoy Mathieu & Aisha Schnellmann: Do bots need a gender? And why does this matter?
    Akemi Tazaki: Balancing brand and personality of a bot