• Women in Tech

    Get inspired to new ideas and push the boundaries.

  • Our female speakers address the biggest challenges facing 21st-century and discuss how advances in innovation and technology will offer greater integration and collaboration acting on gender diversity.

    Psychology of New Work

    Ieva Martinaityte PhD

    Industry 4.0: Don't Compete, Be Unique

    Carolina Yeo

    Data sharing for better bots

    Dr. Irene Lopez de Vallejo

    Improving performance on the intent detection

    Maria Crosas Batista

    Building digital relationships

    Carol Wildhagen

    The impact of AI on marketing

    Katie King, MBA

    bottish and SEED

    Dream team for democratizing AI

    Gaby K. Slezák, MA

    How AI helps in the cybersecurity space

    Sandra Tobler

    Understanding How Innovation Happens in Healthcare

    Naomi Fried

    Challenges and Opportunities in access to data

    Rotem Lev-Zwickel

    Discovering delightful chatbots

    Kat Mustatea

    Wiring Empathy into Robots

    Yao Zhang

    Chatbots as a new type of user interface

    Anastasia Green

    Powering Innovation through Emotional Analytics

    Julia Grässer

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Sunjoy Mathieu

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Aisha Schnellmann

    Patient engagement requires trust, privacy respect and data exchange for a value back.

    Evelina Georgieva

    ML in the interpretation of knee MRI

    Chiara Civardi

    Public Health and the Conversational Interface

    Megan McGee​

    AI for Language Learning

    Vaida Alisauskaite

    3 words to address the world and save lives

    Gigi Etienne

    Changing healthcare for women with personalized action plans treated on an holistic way

    Helena Torras

    How to improve your bot based on user input

    Hajnalka Hejja

    Human-Centered by Design – What we can learn from Chatbots

    Sibylle Peuker

    Design considerations for machine learning system

    Akemi Tazaki